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Welcome to the site of your personal trainer from Berlin and Halle (Saale). Working for you nationwide

As a personal trainer in Berlin, I, Remo Abt, am not only responsible for the fitness of my clients but will also serve you in other various areas, health issues, personal training such as medical examinations and physiotherapy (massage, manual therapy), and professional nutrition consultation.
Personal training has become my life's work. Improving the fitness of my clients will always be my top priority.
As a competitive athlete (track and field), I learned from a young age that ambitious goals can only be achieved with a certain level of commitment. I am a personal trainer in the fitness lounge of the Sheraton Grand Esplanade***** in Berlin.
My philosophy is: “A life without sport is possible but pointless”. Whether on land, in the water, on the stage, or in the mud – since I have been able to run, swim, and box, I have pushed the limits wherever possible. I will not succumb to bruises. With full energy, I plunge into new challenges and expand my horizons. However, from time to time, I need a break. I usually spend my breaks reading good books, savouring delicious meals, and enjoying the company of friends and family. I am thus able to refuel and restart completely re-energised.
Let’s do it together so that we can achieve every success.
I see personal training as a kind of sophisticated private training. Many clients can verify the effectiveness of this type of private training.


Ralph H. Student
Since have been training with Remo, I feel much more fit and relaxed, which also affects my studies.

Hans U. Businessman
Thanks to the regular training with Remo, I spend much less time at my desk, which has done wonders for my overall well-being.

Dr Sabine M. Internist
With his professional manner, Remo was able to motivate me through sweat-filled training sessions. I have already lost 4 kg.